Expert Team


The company has established a skilled and high-quality team led by toxicology experts. The team consists of doctors (12%) and masters (20%) as the backbone of the company.


Employee Qualification:

1 Fellow ATS (American Toxicology society), 5 panel members of CFDA CDE for new drug evaluation, 4 CFDA GLP inspectors, 4 AAALAC specialists, 3 QA members certified by Registered Quality Assurance Professional in GLP (RQAP-GLP) of American Society of Quality Assurance, 2 pathologists certified by Japanese College of Veterinary Pathologists (JCVP) and Japanese Society of Toxicological Pathology (JSTP), 11 toxicologists certified by Chinese Society of Toxicology, 2 veterinarians qualified by Canadian Veterinary Medicine